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Wed, Mar. 3rd, 2010, 10:44 am
pantherpg: Prereg reminder and guest announcement!

Hi all!

People were surprised when I said this last, so as an additional reminder:

Preregistration ENDS March 9th!

Why preregister?  It gets you discounted access to FOUR days of great programming, now including three dances and appearances by

Johnny Yong Bosch (Former Black Power Ranger who has voiced Vash, Ichigo, and Lelouch!)
Uncle Yo (Nerdy comic with an all-new show!)
and Eyeshine! (Johnny's rock band - our fifth live music act for this year!)

Preregistration is also the only way you can get the Premium badge, which offers a limited edition tote bag, early access to the Dealers' room, and priority admission to selected autograph sessions! If you're a shopper or an autograph hound, this is the badge for you!

Check out the Tekkoshocon website today!